Top latest Five Top 7 Strangest Inventions Ever Urban news

2. TOMATAN - a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes. Invented because of the Japanese juice seller Kagome, the robot that sits within a harness powering your head pulls out tomatoes and places them instantly with your mouth while you run. It even contains a timer.

In 1945 Raytheon's Percy Spencer stands before a magnetron (the facility tube of radar) and feels a sweet bar start to soften in his pocket: He's intrigued. When he sites popcorn kernels before the magnetron, the kernels explode all over the lab.

Considered one of MTV's early video times was Steve Perry shaving his mustache. Even should they'll never confess it, many of present day younger, hip rockers started out enjoying air guitar to Journey information.

Could this be probable? In this kind of scenario, The brand new Earth Get would undoubtedly be certainly one of the best strategies of the whole world ever imagined.

The toe made an abscess, which later on turned gangrenous, but Lully refused to have it amputated. The gangrene unfold and killed the stubborn musician.

Danish nobleman and astronomer Tycho Brahe [wiki] was one particular attention-grabbing fellow. He held a dwarf as being a court jester who sat under the table throughout dinner. He even had a tame pet moose.

Why, by creating a cornball Tv set ad that portrays everyday tasks as being beside unachievable devoid of your merchandise. As we will see, the results vary from absurd to downright unhappy.

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Hey, that is the My Lil' Reminder chick. The inadequate expensive must have tried taking part in back her audio recordings only to find that she was going deaf, as well.

However, a lot of tricks surround the base. The United States government didn’t accept its existence until finally 2003 and all study and occurrences in Spot fifty one are Top Mystery; this has made this place the Recurrent subject of conspiracy theories and also a central part to unknown traveling item folklore.

8. NOSE STYLUS - invented by Dominic Wilcox, this unit enables you to maintain a hand free of charge for other tasks while you operate the cellular phone with your nose stylus.

A significantly less conceptually troublesome manner of transportation get more info highlighted in "Star Wars" is probably going lots nearer to becoming understood. A variety of corporations are now hoping to create Performing variations of "hoverbikes," called "speeders" while in the films.

Lamashtu is actually a heinous, terrifying, demoness. She is said to menace Girls during and after the conclude in their pregnancies. She is routinely claimed to kidnap infants when they’re breastfeeding; she would suck their blood, and chew on their bones. Add to that the fact that her other hobbies incorporated: Infesting rivers and lakes, killing crops along with other plants, sucking the blood of Gentlemen, producing rest-disturbances, spreading conditions and diseases, and bringing nightmares. And, as opposed to most demons from Mesopotamian mythology, she didn’t respond to to anybody; not any god, or gentleman, or any A part of any divine hierarchy. So evil was Lamashtu, that Expecting women as well as their loved ones would routinely summon the demon, Pazuzu, to safeguard them.

Doctors attributed his death to a heart attack from fat gain and taking a lot of prescription medications.

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